About Lilliputs


We’re the innovators of India’s first Diaper with Alarm \ India’s first smart diaper .

We can feel the suffering of young parents spending sleepless nights taking care of their little ones so wanted to relive stress of parents we came out with this advance technology of alarm in diaper so that parents can take a good sleep not only in night time but in day time also can do their respective work without checking the diaper again and again .

OS Healthcare with its brand “Lilliputs” represents the trust parents can do on our product as it ease the life of both baby and parents now no more redness ,no more rashes and no more worries to check diaper again and again .
Lilliputs promises to deliver best care ,comfort and protection for your little one’s


Our vision is to be among the leading diaper players by 2027 while providing innovative products and solutions for children, and the elderly.


Our mission is to be a game-changer brand by providing advanced technology, superior quality and affordable products.